Unity Joins Forces with 13 Crypto Gaming Companies to Revolutionize Industry

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• Unity, a world-leading 3D content creator, recently included 13 top Web3 crypto gaming companies in its Verified Solutions Program (VSP).
• Crypto gaming is the new frontier and Unity is well-positioned to take advantage of its growth.
• Altura provides infrastructure for Web3 and is one of the companies chosen by Unity for its VSP program.

Unity Includes 13 Top Crypto Gaming Companies in its Verified Solutions Program

World-leading 3D content creator Unity has included 13 top Web3 crypto gaming companies in its Verified Solutions Program (VSP). The crypto industry has gained prominence as the newest and fastest-growing of the world’s asset classes, with niches such as gaming, DeFi, and metaverse bolstering its position.

Unity’s Position at the Top of the Gaming Industry

Unity is a behemoth of a company positioned at the top of the gaming industry. It has 3.9 billion monthly active users and reached 5 billion game downloads in 2021. The number of Unity creators increased 31% last year despite the pandemic – indicating that people are still playing games more than ever before.

The Unity Verified Solutions Program

The 13 Web3 gaming companies selected by Unity are: Aikon ORE ID, Algorand, Altura, Aptos Labs, Dapper Labs, Immutable X, Infura, Metamask, Nefta, Quarters, Solana, Tezos and Truffle. All members of this ecosystem work together to ensure that their releases are verified for productivity and performance.

Altura Provides Infrastructure for Web3

Altura provides all that developers need to build scalable and profitable Web3 games using its powerful API and SDKs on any blockchain platform. Majd Hailat from Altura said: „We are thrilled to team up with Unity and join their Verified Solutions program… Decentralization will revolutionize the gaming industry.“


It’s clear that by entering into this partnership with cryptogaming companies like Altura ,Unity is demonstrating it’s commitment to remain at the forefront of innovation within this rapidly changing sector. This move will provide unlimited potential for both players and developers alike—allowing them access to cutting edge technology while opening up new opportunities within decentralized web 3 applications